Couple carrying boxes to their self-storage unit.
November 19 2019
If you’re on the market for more space for the items you cherish, then self-storage provides an economical solution to your problems. We at Storage Protectors created this helpful ‘How to’ guide on how to do self-storage right.
Busy construction site requiring mobile storage containers
October 16 2019
The hustle and bustle of a construction site is near endless. It requires organization to keep production at its peak. Mobile storage containers can go a long way to keeping your construction site organized. Here, Storage Protectors discusses the advantages.
Messy office space
September 18 2019
Businesses are often in need of additional storage space to declutter their workspaces. Thankfully, there’s an economical solution to any business’ space problems: self-storage.
August 16 2019
Storing paintings for long-term self-storage can leave paintings marked, smudged, dirty, ripped, stretched, or damaged in a myriad of ways if they are not prepared properly. If you’re storing paintings for the long-term, then follow these tips for how best to protect your paintings for life in long-term storage.
Movers carrying furniture
July 18 2019
If you’re moving houses or moving items into self-storage, you need to be cognizant of the physical strain on your body. At Storage Protectors, we’ve compiled tips on how to move without putting your body at risk.
Toxic waste
June 19 2019
Regardless of how secure your self-storage facility or how much coverage your insurance plan has, there are certain items that cannot be stored at a self-storage facility. We’ve compiled a list of everything that, if included in your storage locker, will put your storage items at risk.
Ask the right questions
May 17 2019
Before moving your items into a self-storage facility, be sure to ask the right questions, so your self-storage facility meets your needs.
April 16 2019
Discussing the sorts of questions and concerns you should focus on when deciding on a self-storage insurance plan.
Antique sewing machine
March 19 2019
Tips for storing antique furniture to last in your self-storage unit, and avoiding having to make claims on your self-storage insurance.
February 28 2019
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Storage Insurance is Security
February 20 2019
The added convenience of a mobile storage unit also adds an increased need for self-storage insurance.
Mobile Storage Units
January 23 2019
Discussing the advantages to mobile self-storage units over the standard, stationary storage unit found at storage facilities.