9 Common Mistakes to Avoid During A Long Distance Move

Several Common Mistakes to Avoid During A Long Distance Move
9 Common Mistakes to Avoid During A Long Distance Move

The rising range of storage facilities directly responds to the demand for additional space to accommodate belongings. Whether downsizing your living space, moving to a new city, or seeking extra storage room for your business needs, storage facilities are the practical solution.

A storage facility is a commercial property designed to fulfill the storage requirements of individuals and businesses. These facilities provide a range of unit sizes, from compact lockers to expansive garage-sized spaces, ensuring they can adjust various storage requirements.

Besides, many facilities go the extra mile by providing valuable features and services such as climate control to protect sensitive items, advanced security measures to safeguard possessions, and careful customer service to make your storage experience seamless.

How To Choose The Best Storage Facility?

There are multiple factors that you should consider before making a decision about a storage facility. It’s crucial to know what are the qualities you should look for. A good storage facility will be secure and clean, with enough space for your belongings. 

It should have multiple security options to ensure the safety of your belongings, be well-maintained to prevent damage to your items, and offer adjustable rental terms and payment options to acclimate your storage needs.

Further, this detailed blog will explore 8 excellent qualities of a good storage facility and help you find the best storage facility with the right questions. Considering the following factors, you can ensure your valuables are safe and secure storage.


Security stands as a paramount attribute of a trustworthy storage facility. A quality facility must boast robust security measures, leaving no room for compromise when safeguarding your possessions. This comprehensive security package ensures surveillance through security cameras, controlled access via gated entry, and the presence of vigilant on-site security personnel. 

Furthermore, a dependable facility should be equipped with an effective fire suppression system as a shield to protect your belongings in the unlikely event of a fire. 

Climate Control

Climate control is another important quality of a good storage facility. It makes sure that the items stored in the facility are protected from harsh temperatures and humidity. This is particularly vital if you are storing items that are reactive to temperature and humidity changes, such as electronic devices, artwork, or antiques.


A top-notch storage facility should always prioritize cleanliness and meticulous upkeep. Maintaining a regular schedule for disinfection and cleaning is imperative, ensuring a hygienic environment that prevents the growth of mold and other detrimental substances. 

A well-kept facility not only safeguards your belongings but also acts as a deterrent against pest infestations, protecting your items from potential damage.


A storage facility should offer easy and convenient access to your belongings. This means the facility should have a good layout, well-marked aisles, and wide corridors to move large items easily. It should also have loading bays and ramps to make it easier to move heavy objects.

Customer Service

For a good storage facility, customer service is always a big deal. The customer support people should be friendly and know their stuff. They should be consistently available and ready to help you when needed. 

Moreover, they can provide information about the place, help you with your storage needs, and answer your queries. In short, great customer service makes your storage experience much smoother and less stressful.

Insurance Policy

A storage facility should offer storage insurance options to protect your valuable items in case of theft, damage, or loss. Reading and understanding the insurance policy before signing up for storage is important.


An ideal storage facility should offer flexibility to accommodate your changing storage needs. This means you can choose your unit’s size, the rental length, and the payment options that work best for you.

Competitive Pricing

A good storage facility should offer competitive pricing. You should be able to find a storage facility that fits your budget and provides the services and amenities that you need. It is important to compare prices and read reviews before choosing a storage facility.

Why Do You Need a Good Storage Facility & Storage Unit Insurance

A storage facility can provide:

  • The extra space to keep your belongings safe and secure when moving to a new home.
  • Assistance in decluttering your living space.
  • Additional space for your business inventory.


However, the most suitable storage facility can’t guarantee your belongings’ safety. Unexpected events that occur anywhere, such as accidents, natural disasters, and theft, can all happen. You would want to know that your belongings are covered when they do.

This is where insurance comes in. Storage insurance covers your belongings in case they are damaged or lost while in storage. It can secure you from financial loss in unexpected events like fires, floods, or theft.

It’s essential to note that while storage facilities may have their own storage facility insurance coverage, this normally only covers the building itself and not the contents of separate storage units. You must anyway purchase insurance to protect your belongings.

When selecting an insurance policy for your storage unit, it’s vital to evaluate the value of your belongings and the level of coverage you require. Customizing your insurance policy according to your specific needs and budget with most insurance providers is possible.

Good storage insurance coverage can provide peace of mind and protect you from financial loss in unexpected events. You can ensure your belongings are protected and secure by choosing a storage facility with insurance options.

Consult With Storage Protectors to Get the Best Quality Storage Facility

A storage facility can be a wise option for those looking for extra space to protect and secure their belongings. With additional features like climate control, security, and flexible rental options, storage facilities offer various benefits for those needing extra storage space.

Moreover, your precious items deserve a space that offers them the protection and care they need. To assist you in making a knowledgeable decision, remember these amazing qualities. 

A reputable and reliable storage facility that satisfies your needs and budget is important while making sure your belongings are protected and secure while in storage.