Keeping Your Self-Storage Items Safe: What Not to Store

Keeping Your Self-Storage Items Safe: What Not to Store
June 19 2019
Toxic waste


The self-storage industry has been growing exponentially, with individuals and businesses alike finding newer and newer uses with every passing day. Each new use, of course, requires a new self-storage insurance plan, and Storage Protectors is the leader in self-storage insurance (learn more about our plans here), including portable storage containers (learn more about our portable storage coverage here).

Regardless of how secure your facility or how much coverage your insurance plan has though, there are certain items that cannot be stored at a self-storage facility. We at Storage Protectors want to make sure you keep your items as safe as possible, which is why we’ve compiled a list of everything that, if included in your storage locker, will put your storage items at risk.

Living things

You may think it smart to save some cash by renting a self-storage unit rather than an apartment, but storage units are not allowed to be lived in: that’s simply the law.

Your pets therefore can also not stay in a storage locker, nor should you want to leave them there! That is an act that will surely be deemed animal cruelty.

Likewise, plant life is also something that you cannot be storing in a storage unit. While not actually illegal, as people and animals are, plants are not allowed because, for one, they will likely not live long without sunlight (so there’s little point to storing them anyways!). More significantly though, they cannot be stored because plants can breed insects and pests that may not merely harm your storage belongings, but also those of the units nearby.

Food items

Food is also something that is also not allowed to be stored in a self-storage unit. Food items can rot, grow mould, stink and increase the odds of pests. Not only will your own storage items end up stinking, but so will items in the units around yours.

Any items that have come in contact with food need to be washed thoroughly, or they too should not be stored in your locker for the same reasons.

Hazardous materials

Garbage and toxic waste cannot be stored at a self-storage facility. These items need to be disposed of properly, at your local waste facility.

Similarly, anything explosive, flammable or corrosive can also not be stored.

Such items put everything at the storage facility, including anyone who is there, at serious risk.

Fireworks, munitions, lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyl, petroleum, methane, medical waste, and toxic substances are all forbidden at a self-storage facility, and can result in your prosecution under the law if these items are found in your unit.


Cash money is also something that you should not store at a self-storage facility. Cash is something that is not covered by insurance, so if anything does happen to occur to any cash in your storage locker, there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Store your money where the rest of us do: in a bank.

We at Storage Protectors work hard to keep your personal storage items safe, but there is only so much we can do if it is you who are putting your items at risk. Be aware of the dangers that the above items can bring to your storage belongings, and make alternative plans to deal with any of those types of items.

For more information on how to choose the insurance plan right for your storage needs, read our blog article here.

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