Mobile Self-Storage: the Perfect Solution for the Organization of Your Construction Site

Mobile Self-Storage: the Perfect Solution for the Organization of Your Construction Site
October 16 2019
Busy construction site requiring mobile storage containers


The hustle and bustle of a construction site is near endless and different on almost every day. The workers, materials, equipment, and machinery are all things that require organization to keep their production at their peak. For construction sites, mobile storage containers can be the solution to keeping things organized and productive.

At Storage Protectors, we like to keep our clients as informed as possible – and not just about insurance on their self-storage belongings, but also about how to get the most out of their self-storage projects. Here, we turn to construction sites and the incredible relationship they can have with mobile storage containers.

Staying safe

Construction workers come to work prepared with equipment meant to keep them safe, such as hard hats and steel toe boots. These sites can be dangerous places with all their moving parts and large machinery and materials, and while protective equipment is certainly necessary, the greatest strategy to keeping everyone on the site safe is organization.

All those moving pieces need to be not moving pieces when they are not in use. If everything is left lying all over, then your site is pretty much guaranteeing an accident. Rather than breed accidents, if your site utilizes a mobile storage container to house all of the out-of-use equipment and materials, then your site will work more smoothly and safely.

Remaining flexible

The convenience of a mobile storage container is of great value to a construction site. The container’s mobility allows it to be wherever you would like it to be on the site. It can be removed and returned whenever you need it. It can even be moved from one site to the next.

On top of this convenience, a mobile container also allows you to leave all of your equipment and materials onsite at all times, rather than have to pack it up and remove it at the end of each working day.


The above point leads right into this one: mobile storage containers are completely secure, leaving their contents entirely protected. With steel exteriors that are water resistant and large doors with pad locks, your storage contents will remain completely protected within a mobile self-storage container.

Additional perks

With the obvious out of the way, we can add here that there are some additional perks that mobile storage containers can provide. In rain, they can become a space for shelter for employees. With enough space inside, the interior can be transformed into a small office space for supervisors, foremen, and architects. Team meetings can be held inside as well.

More significantly, the added space that a mobile storage container affords you can also allow you to purchase a larger order of supplies, reducing the cost. With the extra storage space, you can save the extra materials for the next job.

Finally, mobile storage containers are incredibly low maintenance. Once it arrives, there’s not much for you to do to it, besides securing it at night and sweeping it when dirty. Easy-schmeezy.

Storage Protectors is the leader in self-storage insurance. We insure every type of self-storage unit, including mobile storage containers. If your construction site could use some organization and are looking into a mobile storage container, then speak with your Storage Protectors agent for tips and advice for self-storage and insurance needs.