Asking the Right Questions when Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Right Questions To As When Renting a Self-Storage Unit
Asking the Right Questions when Renting a Self-Storage Unit

If you are looking to rent a self-storage unit for your personal items, be sure to do a bit of homework first. Certainly, you will require self-storage insurance, as the storage facility’s own insurance does not cover their tenants’ items, but we at Storage Protectors want to be sure you get the best possible self-storage facility for your needs.

So, we’ve compiled the sorts of questions you should be asking to ensure you get the self-storage unit you require.

Where is the storage facility located?

We suggest you determine in advance the proximity you need to be to your self-storage unit.

If you need to access your storage items on a regular basis, then you will of course need the self-storage facility nearby.

If, on the other hand, you are going away on travels, then the location of the self-storage facility will be less of a concern.

Keep in mind your needs, and determine a location that works for them.

What sort of access will you need?

Always check the facility’s access hours. Certain facilities do not allow access on evenings or weekends, so if you need to access your self-storage unit regularly, then such a facility may not suit your needs.

Will you need a climate-controlled self-storage unit?

With two main types of self-storage units, you will want to determine which type fits your needs.

If you are storing items such as antiques or paintings, then you will most likely require a self-storage unit that is climate-controlled. Fluctuations in temperature can damage these sorts of items, and climate-controlled units are therefore the answer.

If you are storing items such as seasonal gardening tools, then an outdoor unit should suffice for your need, and is the more economical option.

What is the facility’s security like?

Always be cognizant of the facility’s security. Check for the following:

–       Is there an access gate that secures the facility from unwanted visitors?

–       Is the facility equipped with proper security cameras?

–       Is the facility well-lit, or is it an uncomfortable situation to be in by yourself?

Be sure that the self-storage facility is able to keep both you and your storage items safe.

Do you understand the cost?

Be sure to understand the cost of your self-storage unit before signing any contract. Often, self-storage companies offer discounts and specials for new tenants, but these do not always last the full duration of your agreement. Ask about any discount they offer, and the length of their term.

As well, some rentals come with additional charges for setup fees or monthly storage insurance charges that are not always clearly stated. Ask the facility if they have any such charges.

Does the storage facility provide quality service?

Before getting into a long-term relationship with any self-storage facility, look into how they are going to support you.

Ask current tenants about their own experience with the facility: do they offer advice and help when you need it? Are they friendly to deal with?

Take a look online at any reviews of the facility, but do take online reviews with a grain of salt. If one review is scathing, that isn’t necessarily an indication that the facility is a poor one. Look for repeated praise or criticism before you start passing your own judgements.

Of course, your own engagement with the facility should also be telling. Give them a call with some important questions. Were they accommodating to you? Were they polite and considerate of your needs? You want to be comfortable with the people there before you commit to storing your items with them.

Once you have chosen your self-storage facility, then speak with us about keeping your items protected under our self-storage insurance.

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