Find the Best Storage Facility with the Right Questions

Choosing the right Storage Facility
Find the Best Storage Facility with the Right Questions

There are numerous reasons for renting a storage unit. That’s why there are so many different sizes and types of units, why we at Storage Protectors provide storage insurance coverage for a wide variety of tenants, and why self-storage is a popular solution for a myriad of space and storage issues.

What you need though, is the storage unit best for you and your project, and the best way to find the right unit is to ask the proper questions. Well we’ve got those right here and waiting for you to be sure you find the best storage for your needs:

How far away from home is the storage facility?

Proximity is important, especially if you require access to your belongings frequently. This question should come as no surprise, but it’s still worth recognizing that it’s probably not worth driving an extra half hour every time you need to access your belongings just for a couple bucks in monthly savings.

How accessible is your storage unit?

Again, access can be very important, particularly if you will frequent the storage unit. Investigate what the access to your unit will be like at each facility, including (and most significantly) knowing what the access hours are. Aim, of course, for a facility that provides 24-hour access, but otherwise ensure it does work with your needs.

Do you require a climate-controlled unit?

There are many items that can be harmed by fluctuations in temperatures or humidity, so facilities provide climate-controlled units that protect the items from these dangers. Speak with facilities about what they can do for your items specifically, but, generally speaking, any of the following items would require a climate-controlled unit:

–       Antiques

–       Artwork

–       Collectibles (e.g., comics, sports cards, stamps, etc.)

–       Electronics

–       Fine fabrics

–       Leather goods

–       Musical instruments

–       Paper/files/documents/books

–       Vinyl records

–       Wood furniture

How does the cost work?

Understanding the cost of your unit is often more difficult than it should be. This is usually because of promotions that only last for a limited time of your lease. If there’s any promotion involved, be sure to ask how the math really works and when the promotion comes to an end. There can also be additional charges for move-ins or set-ups. Always ask the facility to break the cost down for you clearly.

How helpful and courteous is the facility’s team?

Entering into a relationship with a storage facility means that you should feel comfortable in that relationship. Consider your experience in any interactions with staff and management, including phone conversations and emails. Ask other tenants how their experience has been. Take a look at online reviews. It’s unfair (and unpleasant!) to find yourself stuck with a facility that isn’t willing to provide you with help and courteousness when you as a tenant require it – and you don’t want to have to move twice.

What security measures are in place at the facility?

Always look into the facility’s security system. Is it a gated facility? Is there electronic access to buildings/units? Are surveillance monitors installed at access points, etc.? Is the facility, inside and out, well-lit? Always be confident that the facility is able to keep both you and your storage items protected.

Does the facility provide storage insurance?

Every storage tenant requires insurance for their belongings in storage, and many facilities will require their tenants to provide proof of insurance. Items are sometimes covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy, but not always – this is the first place to look though. If the facility is partnered with an insurance provider, then they may automatically be charging you that amount in the cost of your unit, so be sure to clarify that situation.

If you require storage unit insurance for your contents beyond what your homeowners’ policy though, then speak with us at Storage Protectors. We’re leaders in the storage insurance industry, providing protection to storage items in traditional units, in mobile containers, and in transit.

Armed with the proper questions in advance, and you’ll have a smoother storage experience with a better storage unit, suited to your needs. If you have any other questions about your storage project, feel free to contact us here.

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