How to Load Your Storage Unit to Maximize Space

Maximize Space In Storage Unit
How to Load Your Storage Unit to Maximize Space

Whether you’re storing antique furniture, art, construction equipment, landscaping tools, sports gear, or your entire household, you want to be able to maximize the space in your self-storage unit, while also keeping those items safe from potential damage.

Here are the best tips for how to maximize the space in storage unit, while keeping those items as protected as possible.

Loading appropriately

Always begin loading your storage unit with the largest and heaviest items first, using them as base to stack more items on top. Progressively work your way to smaller and lighter items as you stack higher and higher.

Avoid stacking sharply edged items (such as a box of books) on top of upholstered furniture items that may leave an imprint in the fabric.

Create rows

When loading your storage unit, always try to stack items in rows that extend across the back wall. Using heavy base items that have similar depth, start your row, and continue upwards. Begin the following row to create a base to stand on to reach the top of the previous row. This is the best way to utilize as much space as possible, while keeping items secure.

Make it tight

Always stack your belonging together as tightly as possible. Find smaller items to wedge between larger ones. The less gaps you have, the less likely things will shift, and the more space you will utilize. This is all the more important when loading your moving vehicle.

Create aisles

If you are going to require access to some of your items on a regular, or pseudo-regular basis, then it may be a good idea to create aisles for access. Utilize shelving units to carve out the aisles in your space; loading them into the locker once all of the permanent storage items are loaded at the back of the unit. With shelving units, you can organize items in accessible ways very easily, and with aisles in place, your ability to access them is much easier. When renting your unit, you may want to rent one an extra size up if you are accessing a lot of items frequently and need to create the aisle space. Plan this in advance.

Double up on space

While a dresser or armoire takes up a lot of space in your storage unit, this space can in fact be used twice. Open the drawers in your dresser and fill them with smaller items. Fill your armoire with boxes and clothing. If you can double up on the use of space in your locker, then you’ll certainly maximize your use of it.

Get insurance

The truly best way to protect your storage belongings is to acquire self-storage insurance. While storage facilities themselves are insured, their coverage does not actually cover their tenants’ storage contents. Tenants must attain their own insurance. Some homeowners’ insurance policies will cover items in storage, but the coverage is limited, and may not protect all of your storage belongings.

Loading your storage unit the right way is important to maximize the use of space and keep your items properly protected. Insurance on those items though, provides the ultimate in protection. At Storage Protectors, we’re the leading self-storage insurance provider, offering flexible and comprehensive coverage across the United States and Canada.

Contact us today for more information about how we can protect your storage belongings.

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