Keep Your New Year’s Resolution by Decluttering Your House with Self-Storage

Decluttering House With Storage Unit
Keep Your New Year’s Resolution by Decluttering Your House with Self-Storage

January is the month for new beginnings, for new projects and plans to improve your outlook. Perhaps the most popular new year’s resolution is to declutter one’s house, especially right after the holiday season. This plan probably occurs every year, but if you want to declutter your home once and for all, then look no further than to self-storage for the most economical answer to your new year’s resolution.

Divide and conquer

Looking around your home at all the clutter after the holiday season can be daunting, and while you might feel inclined to solve the clutter by tossing everything in the garbage, you will quickly realize that that isn’t really possible.

Begin the project by dividing the clutter into groups: “for the home,” “for donations,” “for storage,” and “for the garbage.” Your plan of attack, of course, should be to limit the number of items staying at the home.

Old clothes and books are perfect items to donate to others in need. Items like lawnmowers and gardening tools are only needed seasonally, and, thus, are excellent candidates for storage. Sentimental items, like the arbour your brother built for your wedding or the antique grandfather’s clock that you lack space for, are other items ripe for storage.

Once you limit the number of items remaining in your home and can determine where they are going, then you’ll be left with a much cleaner, manageable space – one that lives up to your new year’s resolution.

Self-storage is the space you need

Paramount to the success of your new year’s resolution is finding space for your items that is not at your home and contributing to the clutter. Self-storage is the economical solution for this challenge.

Everything seasonal can disappear until the moment the season is upon you. Sentimental items remain safe and secure. Old research, financial records, and other paperwork you need to keep but not access regularly free up a lot of space in your house when you shuffle them off to storage.

You do not likely require a massive locker for this excess, but an extra walk-in closet in the form of a self-storage unit can go a long way to decluttering your home – and helping you keep it that way. With a self-storage unit, the space is there whenever you need it.

Self-storage insurance

Self-storage provides the easiest way to keep your new year’s resolution and the best solution for decluttering your home, but if this is the solution for you, then you do need to look into insurance for your storage belongings.

Often, you homeowners’ insurance policy will provide a certain amount of coverage, and speaking with your provider should be your first step. If you find yourself needing insurance that goes beyond your homeowners’ plan, then Storage Protectors is a leader in the industry, providing the ultimate in self-storage insurance. Our plans protect your items stored in both self-storage units and mobile storage containers, as well as protecting your contents while they are in transit.

If you need assistance or advice on choosing a self-storage facility or unit, or choosing a self-storage insurance plan, then speak with our agent today.

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