Peace of Mind: PODS Insurance for Your Mobile Self-Storage Unit

PODS Insurance
Peace of Mind: PODS Insurance for Your Mobile Self-Storage Unit

The newest trend in the world of self-storage is the mobile storage unit, or portable storage pod. And why not? It’s obviously a far more convenient arrangement to have your self-storage unit wherever you need to have it. Rather than needing to go to a self-storage facility to access your stored items, access to your items can be steps away if you decide to keep your storage pod on your property.

If you’re moving, how amazing is it to have, days ahead of the moving date, one of these mobile pods dropped in your driveway for you to fill at your own leisure? And then, on moving date, watch it be whisked away to your new residence, ready for you to leisurely unload it? Like “tres amazing,” is our take.

Convenience Needs Protection

The mobile pod brings a flexibility that was never a possibility for self-storage before. Unless you are moving away and needing to store your items for an extended period of time, a mobile storage unit is probably the best option. But with their convenience comes added risk, making insurance on your items stored in the mobile pod all the more necessary.

Make no mistake: insurance on your items in any form of self-storage is a necessity. For sure, if your storage container suffers a break and enter, a fire, or some other unfortunate event, your belongings are not covered by the insurance policy of the public storage facility. As the contents’ owner, you must obtain your own pods insurance. 

With the advent of the portable storage container, of course, new risks arise for the contents: a storage unit left in your driveway or backyard has a greater risk of being damaged than at a traditional, stationary storage facility.

Added Risks

If you are renovating part of your house, a portable pod is an amazing solution for keeping your items accessible, but a mobile pod left on your property is more susceptible to things like violent weather or theft. It’s not impossible for pests or animals to get inside. A thief only really needs to break a padlock to get at the contents. Insuring your items stored in the mobile pod is therefore all the more pressing.

The convenience of portable storage containers is a reason too good to ignore – why rent a truck, fill it, unload it at the storage facility, only to have to load it all again into your storage unit? – it’s a one-time load with the portable container; but with the increase of convenience, comes an increase in risk.

Neutralizing the Risks with Storage Protectors

There is no reason to leave your personal items to the happenstance of the unpredictable world, and Storage Protectors are not simply experts in storage insurance, but one of the leaders in insuring the contents of portable storage containers.

While a mobile storage unit is a great solution to most storage needs, they bring added risks into the equation: Storage Protectors neutralizes those risks.

Indeed, insuring the contents of your storage unit ensures the contents of your mind are focused on the more important things in life, rather than worrying about the safety of the items you have in storage. Contact Storage Protectors today, because insurance on the contents of your storage unit is, in fact, a peace of mind.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our mobile storage pods—store your items and access them anytime you need them! Protect your valuables with our comprehensive mobile storage content insurance, ensuring peace of mind in every situation.

pods insurance, Peace of Mind: PODS Insurance for Your Mobile Self-Storage Unit