Self-Storage: an Excellent Fit for Businesses Too

Self-Storage: an Excellent Fit for Businesses Too
Self-Storage: an Excellent Fit for Businesses Too

Businesses are often in need of additional storage space. Whether it be for inventory, confidential files, equipment, supplies, or even extra furniture lying around the office, space is something many businesses could use more of.

Thankfully, there’s an economical solution to any business’ space problems, and that comes in the form of self-storage. To keep your business from operating at full steam, we at Storage Protectors have compiled a list of some of the most popular uses of self-storage for business.

Keeping things organized

Every business, to maximize productivity, needs organization, and self-storage is one excellent way to stay organized. Remove all those employee records, tax documents, contracts, and files that you likely do not need on a regular basis, but cannot dispose of, from your workspace by storing them off premises in a self-storage unit.

Excess supplies, holiday decorations, old electronics – these are all candidates for clearing your workspace, and making it more organized and productive, being hid away in storage.

Working for the season

Seasonal businesses can benefit greatly from self-storage. Your out-of-season clothing that can be saved for next year is a great example of something that can be stored in self-storage during its offseason. Display materials can join them there as well.

Restaurants need space to store their patio furniture during the winter, along with their holiday decorations and excess stock: self-storage answers these calls.

Landscaping businesses can use a storage unit in the winter for their lawnmowers and gardening tools, while they can replace those in the summer with their snowblowers and shovels.

Construction companies and contractors

A clever solution for construction companies and contractors is to rent a mobile storage container. These have the added benefit of being portable, where you need it, when you need it. Leave the container onsite, and you won’t need to transport equipment and supplies to and from the site every day.

Moreover, the container can also allow you to purchase larger quantities of supplies for a lower cost, as you can store those extra supplies in the container until the next job. Self-storage, especially mobile storage, is a dream for construction companies and contractors.

Real estate

Real estate agents can get a foot up on their competition with self-storage. Like construction companies and contractors, a mobile container is an excellent way for a real estate agent to provide their clients with a huge added value.

Every real estate agent these days needs to make the house they are trying to sell as neutral as possible. This typically means emptying the house of most of the personal and colourful items, and replacing them with stock furniture. Not only can the agent utilize a portable self-storage unit to house her stock furniture, she can also provide it to her clients to use to remove those personal items – and store them right on their property, ready for access when the family needs them.

Only a handful

That’s really only a handful of the most popular uses for business storage – get creative, and we guarantee you’ll find plenty more!

Regardless of your use for self-storage though, every storage unit requires insurance to keep your belongings protected. At Storage Protectors, we’re the leaders in self-storage insurance, and offer coverage on both stationary and mobile self-storage units.

Speak to us today if you have questions about business storage or self-storage insurance.

, Self-Storage: an Excellent Fit for Businesses Too