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Self-Storage Unit, Or a Mobile Storage Unit?

There are many reasons one may need to store their personal items for the long- or short-term, but once you know that you require storage, the first question is “What type of storage options are there?”


You are probably familiar with standard self-storage process: you transport your belongings to a storage facility (perhaps filling your car or renting a larger vehicle or even hiring a moving company); you rent a storage unit, or locker, at that facility; you unload your belongings from your vehicle to the rented locker, filling it; you then lock the unit and head home.

When one thinks of “self-storage,” one probably thinks of this, but there is another storage option to consider: mobile storage. And so, then, why choose a mobile storage unit over renting the standard self-storage locker? What are some of the advantages?

The Mobile Storage Unit

A mobile storage pod or container can be delivered directly to your property, left on your driveway or in your backyard, which of course immediately cuts the travel time from your home to your self-storage unit down to nothing.

Instead of needing to carry large furniture from the house to the truck, and then from the truck to the storage unit rented at the storage facility; you now only need to move the item once – from the house into the container onsite. Very quick, very easy.

Better for Budgeting

With a portable storage unit, you also have a very reliable budget to work with. While renting a truck or hiring movers can make sense, these costs are not something easily determined in advance: these companies do not actually know the time it will take to execute the task, and can therefore only offer estimates in terms of the cost you might pay. This can easily affect your budget if circumstances arise that delay or extend the time required.

Your own idea, moreover, of how long it should take to move your items may not align with the effort or speed of the hired company/workers – they may be unreliable in other ways, which can also affect your budget. With a portable storage unit, you know exactly what the monthly rental fee is, that you do not need to add extra costs, and that you are therefore provided with a static and reliable budget.

Where It Suits You Best

A mobile storage unit also allows you to have the convenience of having your items stored wherever you would like – whether that be at arm’s length, on your property, or on your sister or father’s property, or even at a self-storage facility (yes: storage facilities will often store mobile storage containers!). You may in fact want your items nearby for an extended period, but then not need them so close after (perhaps during a renovation you do, but not after the renovation is complete, e.g.): the mobile unit can move to wherever suits you best.

When It Suits You

And then of course also whenever: not only can the unit be where you want it, but it also allows you the luxury of taking more time to load it. Once it is dropped on your property, you can fill it at your own pace, rather than be under the pressure of getting the rented truck back to the rental company, or getting your movers off of the clock – you do it whenever. Being close by, of course, also gives you access to your stored items whenever you require them.

So why choose a mobile storage unit? It seems clear: the mobile storage unit is a more convenient, reliable and flexible option for your storage needs than is the more common self-storage locker.