Winter Sports Equipment and How to Keep Yours Protected in Self-Storage for the Summer

Storing Winter Sports Equipment
Winter Sports Equipment and How to Keep Yours Protected in Self-Storage for the Summer

As the snow melts and the water soaks the ground during spring, we come to the end of the winter sports season. Ice skates and snowboards are being replaced by tennis rackets and baseball bats, and those skates and boards need to be stored for the summer properly in self-storage until October.

Storing your winter sports equipment the right way is important to ensure it does its job next year, so we have put together this how-to guide for storing your winter sports equipment in self-storage for the summer months. Read on to make sure you get the most out of your sports gear next season.

First, clean your equipment

The first task to storing your winter sports equipment properly is giving every item a good clean.

Use a damp cloth with soapy water to gently wipe clean any wood or plastic items, such as hockey sticks, helmets, snowboards, and the like.

Use a scouring pad on synthetic or rubber items, such as ski boots.

Use a soft cloth with leather cleaner for leather items, such as gloves.

Wash and disinfect any shoes or clothing that are smelly.

For any protective equipment, such as hockey pads, rinse them well with a hose, and then allow them to air dry.

It is important to ensure items dry properly before storing them. Moisture that remains on your equipment may create mildew, mould, or rust.

Second, make any repairs

When you put away your winter sports equipment for the summer, be sure that they are stored in the best condition possible. This means accomplishing any repairs now, before they are stored.

Sharpen skates; replace laces. Sharpen the edges on your skis and snowboards; provide a fresh coat of wax and even a base grind. Remove the liners from your ski and snowboard boots, and ensure they are completely dry before storing them.

Fixing everything now will maintain their condition throughout the summer months, and prevent you from rush-jobs in October when you need the equipment for use. You may even be able to get discounts on any repairs now, at the end of the season.

Third, store them safely

Ensure your items are put away in self-storage in safe ways, to protect both them and anything around them.

Put the guards on your skate blades.

Place skis and snowboards inside ski/board bags, and lie them flat on the ground to avoid them from bending from the force of gravity over extended periods of time (i.e., the entire summer). Loosen the tension of your ski binding springs to the lower end of the DIN scale, but not all the way to the bottom. This reduces stress on the springs, increasing their longevity.

Fourth, keep them safe in self-storage with insurance

As you’re taking out baseball bats and tennis rackets, your best solution for saving space is by storing your winter sports equipment in self-storage. While they reside in storage for the summer months, be sure that they are covered by storage insurance.

Your homeowners’ policy may cover items outside of your home, so this is the first place to check. If you find your homeowners’ policy does not cover them, or does not cover them properly, then speak with us at Storage Protectors. We’re the leading self-storage insurance provider, covering items within self-storage facilities and in mobile storage containers, and will be sure to protect your storage belongings throughout the summer and for as long as you need them stored.

For more information on Storage Protectors insurance, speak with our advisors today.

winter sports equipment, Winter Sports Equipment and How to Keep Yours Protected in Self-Storage for the Summer