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The Missing Piece to your Storage Insurance and Damage Waiver Puzzle in Canada

Canada’s storage industry has been making leaps and bounds in recent years with many storage facilities being constructed to offer some of the most complete and accommodating self storage services. 

Storage Protectors is a leading provider of self-storage insurance in Canada. We insure your personal and business belongings during their time in storage.  This is what we do best, and we do it across the world.

Storage Insurance in Canada
storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada

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      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada

      Why renters need Self-Storage insurance

      Being a renter, you might wonder why you would need self-storage insurance when the facility already has the insurance. Good question! Self-storage facilities insurance covers only the building and the structure; they do not offer any coverage for the renters’ content. It means your stored content is not secure. You may argue that the facility is secure, so why do you need further coverage of the contents stored? but even state-of-the-art security systems like electric fences and key coded locks can not guarantee that your items will be completely secured.

      Moreover, natural disasters like earthquakes and tornados can easily break through these measures. Plus, burglars who are ready to take extended risks may find a way to bypass these security measures. Self-storage insurance is necessary for the renter to insure the stored contents and add an additional layer of security.

      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada

      Why Self-Storage insurance is important for Operators

      Renters need it, so why would operators need it – don’t they already have their facility insured? Of course they do, but that’s not why they need Storage Protectors insurance. We’re a way to help operators provide their tenants with the insurance they need – we add value for your tenants, and you’re compensated for every tenant you bring us.Many people think that storage operators don’t need self-storage insurance, and why would they, as their facility is already insured? The answer is they don’t need the self-storage insurance for themselves, but rather their renters. Any operator who thinks he doesn’t need self-storage insurance is missing out on the opportunities to maximize its revenue.

      Storage Protectors help the operators offer their tenants self-storage insurance. We provide additional value to your tenants. Plus, you are also compensated for every tenant you bring us. So, no – operators don’t need our insurance themselves; operators need to partner with us to offer our insurance to their renters. It’s really the easiest way for all of us to win.

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      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada

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      Storage facilities can increase revenue by offering customers peace of mind with the Storage Protectors Contents & Damage Waiver Insurance.

      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada

      Client Testimonials

      It was a seamless transition when our facility partnered with Storage Protectors. With the ease of implementation it has definitely been an excellent experience to partner with Storage Protectors.

      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada
      Brett Pond

      I am extremely happy with the program. My Customers love it, and I have been generating $18,000/m in addition revenue with no expenses against it in the first month.

      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada
      Wendy Witherspoon

      I am so pleased with Storage Protector’s program and how easily it was to integrate with our operating system to create significant amounts of additions revenue for our clients.

      storage insurance in Canada, Storage Insurance Canada
      Pete Harris

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