Storage Facility Contents Insurance

The #1 Requested Storage Facility Contents Insurance Program in the Self-Storage Industry!

Adding revenue to your storage facility is easy when you partner with Storage Protectors.

We have the most comprehensive coverage for your renters and integrate our policies with your system for you – all while providing you with the highest revenue share in the industry.

storage facility contents insurance

Self-Storage and Mobile Container Storage Insurance

As an operator, you want to partner with a an insurance company that will provide your tenants a comprehensive insurance plan. You do not want to partner with a company that is limited in its scope, and unable to properly accommodate all of your tenants’ needs.

Self-Storage Operator

Offer insurance to your customer Self-Storage

Mobile Storage Facility

Offer insurance to your customer Mobile Storage containers

Storage Protectors has vast experience in covering both Self-Storage and Mobile Container Storage models and can operate within your established systems, keeping you from having to develop new platforms or substantially increasing your company’s workload. 

We take care of everything!

When you choose to partner with Storage Protectors as your renters’ Self-Storage insurance provider, you are partnering with leaders in the industry that make sure to look after your needs as an operator, making the addition of our service to your business as easy for you and your team as possible:

Provide renters insurance they require and boost revenue at no cost while reducing liabilities.

A good business decision, in any industry, is one that provides your customers with services they need while increasing revenues beyond any increases to cost. An excellent business decision accomplishes this without any (or minimal) increases to the cost.

In the Self-Storage industry, an excellent business decision for any operator is to be able to add insurance coverage to their services.

Renters require insurance on their storage belongings, and rather than having your tenants searching elsewhere for a plan themselves, an excellent business decision is to be able to provide this service to your tenants, and benefit from doing so.

This is where a self-storage insurance provider comes in. An insurance company will provide your tenants with what they require, while providing you with the added revenue share associated with their service. A decision like this will add value for your renters, increase your bottom line, and not be costly. In other words, it would be an excellent business decision.

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    Client Testimonials

    It was a seamless transition when our facility partnered with Storage Protectors. With the ease of implementation it has definitely been an excellent experience to partner with Storage Protectors.

    Brett Pond

    I am extremely happy with the program. My Customers love it, and I have been generating $18,000/m in addition revenue with no expenses against it in the first month.

    Wendy Witherspoon

    I am so pleased with Storage Protector’s program and how easily it was to integrate with our operating system to create significant amounts of additions revenue for our clients.

    Pete Harris

    Integrate with all management software

    Extensive coverage

    Our Self-Storage insurance coverage is extensive. We provide contents and damage waiver coverage insurance for Mobile Storage containers, Self-Storage units, mobile offices, vehicles, and storage trailers. Unlike many insurance providers who are limited and unable to cover Mobile Storage containers, for example, Storage Protectors has every storage-type covered. 

    To be sure, whether Renters’ storage belongings are located at a storage facility, in their home, in transit, or at a commercial business location, we have the abilities to cover their belongings in all of these places. We’re the complete insurance providers. Storage Protectors operates in the United States, Canada, European Union, and the UK. We’ve been around long enough to expand our reach far and wide, giving us experience with different markets, tenants, and operators – an experience in the Self-Storage insurance industry that is likely to be unmatched.

    We really are the best

    Our model and plan is as secure, convenient, and profitable for your facility as possible. We build partnerships that breed success, and we like it this way. 

    Storage Protectors’ Contents and Container Damage Waiver Insurance Programs are underwritten by Chaucer Insurance Company DAC. The Program is administered by Carstin Insurance Partners / Airpark Insurance, a leading specialty insurance brokerage firm, AZ License Number 1800003983. In Canada coverage is represented through Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson, RIBO #0745.  Producer #10145.

    We are rated ‘A’ (Excellent) by A.M. Best. 

    We’re leaders for a reason at Storage Protectors, and it won’t take long for you to learn why: speak with us today about what Storage Protectors can do for your storage facility and its tenants.

    Storage Protector's is the missing piece
    to your revenue puzzle.


    • Yes. Storage Protectors' Contents and Container Damage Programs are underwritten by Clear Springs Property and Casualty Insurance. The Program is administered by Carstin Insurance Partners / Airpark Insurance, a leading specialty insurance brokerage firm, AZ License Number 1800003983

    • Cost depends on the type and amount of program coverage purchased. Please contact Storage Protectors for additional information.

    • Yes. The amount of money you make depends on the amount of coverage purchased and the number of policies in place.

    • No. Facility owner/operators receive monthly billing and administrative fees when their customers enrolling in the program. The billing and administrative fees are derived from program fees and not from premium.

    • Storage Protectors guides you through this process from the initial customer notifications to policy placements. Customers are notified of their mandatory contents coverage and damage waiver requirements 30-days prior to your program start date.

    •  No licencing is required. Storage Protectors Contents and Damage Waiver Insurance program is the only comprehensive program that does not require individual site insurance licensing. The entire program is underwritten under one cover, so, there is no need to underwrite individual sites or for sites to carry limited lines insurance licences.

    • Please provide us preliminary information by filling out the Storage Protectors owner / operator contact form. Upon receiving your submission, we will provide you with additional information.