The Storage Protectors Program

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

Providing Contents and Damage Waiver insurance to the Mobile Storage and Self-Storage industry.

Storage Protectors provides Contents and Damage Waiver insurance coverage to the renters and operators of Mobile Storage and Self-Storage units in the United States and Canada.

Storage Protectors’ Contents and Container Damage Waiver Insurance Programs are underwritten by Lloyds of London c/o Falvey Cargo Group. The Program is administered by Carstin Insurance Partners / Airpark Insurance, a leading specialty insurance brokerage firm, AZ License Number 3000750988.

In Canada coverage is represented through Jones Deslauriers, 2375 Skymark Avenue, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4Y6.

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

Self Storage Contents Insurance

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

Mobile Storage Contents Insurance

We offer insurance to:

Self Storage Operators

Offer storage contents insurance to your Self Storage renters

Mobile Storage Operators

Offer Mobile Storage and Damage Waiver Insurance to your customers

Storage Renters

Purchase insurance for your personal contents in storage or in container

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

Comprehensive Coverage

Property is stored within Self-Storage units, Mobile Storage containers, storage trailers, mobile offices, and vehicles or at a storage facility, home, in transit, or stored at a commercial or business location where a lessee is paying rent.

Damage Waiver Insurance covers damages done to a Mobile Storage container while in transit, on a lessee’s property, or at a storage facility. Property in transit is covered within 100 miles of the premises described in the lease. Coverage over 100 miles is available upon request.

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

Items Covered

FAQs about Renters Insurance for Storage Units

  • Self-storage facilities and Mobile Storage Container Leasing companies do not automatically insure your stored property. The Storage Protectors Contents Insurance Program provides economical coverages which add an additional layer of protection for your stored belongings. Purchasing Storage Protectors Contents Coverage alleviates concerns regarding potential losses associated with unanticipated incidents of loss.

  • Covered property includes belongings stored within a mobile storage container or self- storage unit being rented per a valid rental agreement. Covered causes of loss include but are not limited to burglary, limited water damage, vandalism, and fire or lightening.

  • Homeowner’s Insurance may or may not cover your stored property. Consult your homeowner’s policy or contact your insurance agent to determine if it’s in your best interest to use it. In most cases, extra coverages or a rider may need to be added on to your homeowner’s policy to insure contents coverage for your stored property. Homeowner’s policies commonly have high deductibles (typically between $1,000 to $3,000) and extensive surcharge periods (typically 3 years) which can deter you from filing claims.

  • Most personal, business, and commercial goods stored are eligible for coverage.*

    *These descriptions of coverage are for informational purposes. The policy itself should be read for coverages, terms, conditions and exclusions.

  • Currencies, liquid and illiquid securities, animals, reptiles and birds, firearms, jewelry, furs, pelts and fur garments are examples of uncovered property types

  • Theft occurs when someone takes property not belonging to them. Burglary occurs when someone takes property not belonging to them by forced entry; by way of example, by cutting a lock or breaking a hasp. The SP Contents Program only covers burglary.

  • No, flooding damage is not covered. Flood insurance can be purchased from the Federal Government. Rainstorms, windstorm, hail and roof drain damage are covered under the SP Contents Coverage policy

  • The maximum coverage amount for Storage Unit Insurance offered is up to $20,000 per unit. Higher contents coverage amounts are available. Please email [email protected] or call (833) 659-7867 for more information.

  • SP’s Contents Coverage is a month to month, pay-with-rent program. Coverage renews every month upon payment of rent and the monthly SP program fee. Coverage stops when rent and/or your SP Program fee is not paid.

  • You can enroll in the Storage Protectors Contents Insurance Coverage here. You can also enroll at a participating you will receive a certificate of insurance via email Container Rental Company or Self Storage facility.

  • Report a claim can by filing out our claim forms here. Inquire about claims by emailing [email protected].

  • Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of your declarations page by mail. You may also receive copies by emailing [email protected] or calling (480) 900-8300.

Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program

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Storage Protectors Program, The Storage Protectors Program